New photos online

beadsandpendants.jpgYou know, the more I read and study and contemplate the "power of the web" as a marketing tool, the more I know I'm not doing a fraction of what I could be doing to market my work. And a favorite mantra is "Baby steps...take baby steps."

So I've been working to update my site more and more frequently, and today I've actually gotten around to adding more photos to the site. Some of my site visitors won't care one bit about these images. That's fine. They're not for everybody. Just those "process people" like myself who enjoy knowing what happens that leads up to the end product. I've posted a few shots of the mess and workspace that helps me get to an actual finished product. And maybe I'll keep up the momentum and add more photos soon. I'd better. Or the actual photo shoot will take a month. I'd rather use some of those baby steps now, too.