MORE beaded necklaces

Just like the Energizer bunny. They keep going, and going. The beaded necklace designs, that is. Maybe when you own four million and seventy three thousand beads it's easier to design a bunch of different necklaces. I suspect that's exactly why. Doesn't matter. I keep making more. They're simple. OH so simple. But in that way you need when you wake up one day and want something understated and subtle. Just the kinds of necklaces you need for days like that.

I stole another one. Was meeting Jewell for an afternoon catchup. And needed to put something on. Why choose from your massive inventory? You have, after all, a million new pieces. Who's gonna' notice if you take one more? So I took one more. And the complementary earrings.

Good stuff. Then I came home and made, oh, 6 more. Or 4. Who knows? I have a lot of new necklaces. That I do know. ;) Tee hee.