The song that gets in your head

I understand why a song would stay in your head if you heard it again and again. You've tuned into the same radio station all week long and that particular set of deejays tend to play the same ones. Something new has been released by a really popular artist. And so it gets in your head.

Or your mom who's a music teacher decides to sing, aloud, the song she taught the children at the daycare center this week. And IT plays in your head. Forever and ever.

But what about when you've made beaded jewelry all morning to the sound of a great CD you could hear again and again, then visited with a friend, then run a couple of errands, returned home, and started odd music anywhere to be found. But you still have this one tune playing again and again. And again. And again. It won't go away. Where'd it come from? How can you make it go away?

Want to know what it is? Are you suuuuuure you want to know??? 'Cause if I tell you you're prolly gonna' blame me and I'm not having it. Nope. I shall not be blamed when you can't get it out of your head.

But since you insist. I'm gonna' tell you. Go ahead and prepare yourself. And you have to hear it how I'm hearing it...with a swoopy voice, up and down, sliding from note to note, with a little twang...

Oooooooh my darlin.....OHHH my darlin....OHHHH my daaaarlin Clementiiiiiiiiine......