So easily pleased...sometimes

I have been making simple beaded necklaces for the past few days. Like a fiend. They're so incredibly delicate, pretty, fun. I love them. I finish another then giggle. Then make more. And this time around I'm working to make matching earrings with at least some of them. That's something I was asked about a lot at the pottery festival: where are your earrings? Well I didn't have any there and so it reminded me that this is an important thing to offer.

Now that I've made perhaps 12 or more, I find that I know my inventory better than before. And I have a few things I didn't pick up last shopping spree. Gonna' have to go supplement today. Awwww. You know I hate buying beads and jewelry findings. It irritates me so much. Standing in front of all those pretty, shiny things, choosing and choosing more. Ha. Better hope I give myself a good talking to before I leave. So I don't come back with a whole basketful like last time. Tee hee.

I'll have more photos online soon. I found that the first attempt with this latest gallery worked but the original images were a little too large...they loaded too slow on other computers for my liking and so yesterday I went in a rebuilt the whole thing. Perfectionist I am not, but I do have some leanings in that direction.

Anyway, that's the fun I've been up to. There's more, of course...there always is. We live really full lives and so much of it never appears on the blog, but this is worth mentioning because it's so much fun.

Hope everybody's having a good weekend. Bye ya'll!