The cost of replacing a mobile phone

I'll admit it. I'm a little spoiled. Maybe a lot spoiled, compared to some. Maybe not, compared to others. But sometimes I think about the things I take for granted - even expect - and I think I might be pretty spoiled.

Take that cell phone I dropped, oh, maybe 2 months ago, for example. Just over two months ago, actually. I had to email everybody and beg for their phone numbers 'cause I'd become too lazy to memorize most of them. Which led to my carrying around these tattered little cards of paper on which I've typed, then hand-written in the margins, all the numbers I could ever need to call again. (Leading me to purchase a lovely address book in which, even now, I have yet to write more than say 7 of those numbers.

Today I drove over to the little store to see about finally replacing the phone. Not that it doesn't work, mind you. It rings, I can call people, and as long as I have a decent signal, I can have a decent conversation for a good long while on that phone. But it's still sporting that funky broken-all-up-inside artwork of a display screen and so I can only use the luxury of caller ID for the mere seconds a phone call is coming into my line. Once I've opened it, that information is stored away forever, so safely I can't touch it again. Ever ever.

So I sat there and chatted with the cell phone dude whose name I seem to have forgotten. And he told me all about the pretty phones that were somewhat comparable to the phone I got for free for signing a 2 year contract with my cell phone company. Seems they're not even remotely reasonably priced if you're not willing to sign a contract. I am so unwilling to sign any kind of contract at this moment, and so I got the big prices. Such as $200 plus. I knew it wouldn't be free...naturally not that. But $200 for something that's going to keep me from having to look up somebody's phone number?

I am so sure.

Even I am not that spoiled. Which provides me with a little bit of comfort, I suppose. So I still have my little broken-down-phone and also the old-school one I talked about another time when I got started on a rant about this phone saga.