Neighborly much?

Now here's something interesting! My computer faces a window. Today, in this neighborhood, is trash day. Which is to say last night we put the non-recyclable waste from the week into a can and placed it by the edge of the yard and this morning some dudes in a big loud truck came along and removed it. Just this second, an older gentlemen, let's say he's 78ish, wearing a black and white plaid flannel overshirt as a jacket and walking a black poodle, just walked up to our home, picked up the empty trashcan and moved it up the driveway setting it beside the closed garage door. How...neighborly, I suppose. I wonder if he was annoyed by the look of an empty waste receptical marring the glorious landscape, or he thought, instead, "Here are some nice ladies who haven't had the opportunity to bring in their empty can. I'll help 'em out."

Perhaps it's odd that I question his motives. People doing something nice for other people is a glorious addition to our world and more of us should do more of it. Does it say something sad and hopeless that I, of all people, daughter of "The Original Incurable Optimist," would have even become so slightly jaded that I even doubt the reasoning of someone who performs a kind deed on his morning walk? Actually, maybe, but on the other hand, I'm remembering an older gentleman...curmudgeon, I believe they called him, who griped about such things. So perhaps I'm putting his issues off on my current neighbor.

So apologies and thanks to the dog walker in black and white. Very kind of you.