Later the morning after...only now it's dark outside

105053-190961-thumbnail.jpgIt still feels like the morning after. Clearly I just needed to get more rest before this whole pottery festival week got here. I can't blame this kind of tiredness on that. But here I am, blaming away.

Having (knock on wood for me somebody, anybody???) worked out my computer issues and tidied my living space enough that I can now actually walk through the room without either tripping myself or crushing something that needed not to be crushed, and even starting a load of laundry...oh, and moving around some more furniture...I'm trying to reevaluate my booth yesterday and give some thought to the next sale in which I'm participating. I guess the best part about the next ones is that from here on out this year, I can put together whatever I want. I'm not limited to selling items consisting of clay-based designs. Sure, most of my favorite pieces are clay-based, since I love making necklaces with clay pendants, but it's fun to make and sell things that are not, as well. Like sterling earrings, for example.

I'm more and more intrigued with the thought of throwing pots again, though.  Yesterday's time spent105053-190964-thumbnail.jpg surrounded by potters was naturally going to have that affect on me. Effect. Whatever. Ennybody remember the difference? But being surrounded by pots makes me want to make my own. Sometimes I can be very good. Some of my stuff, then again, is fairly sub-standard. I know this about my work. But I still love to make it.

That doesn't mean I'm going to. I'm trying to reign in some of my projects, get caught up on some of the other ones, and see what that leaves time for.

And so strikes the A.D.D. monster again. Sometime between the time I began and finished the above sentence, I remembered that I took photos yesterday. Thought I'd show you some. And got caught up on resizing, trying to figure if I've ruined the whole storage device (suddenly I was told " not a valid jpg file." Excuse me???) Then realize I've gained more weight (back) than I'd realized, after looking at a couple of photos I allowed to be taken of myself for my booth. Somebody asked and I remembered my Mom had asked that I send her one. That'll teach me. THEN I remembered the whole reason I came up here in the first place just now was to gather up the trash which gets picked up on Tuesday.

Sigh. BUt hold up. I think I can show you a couple of shots of the booth. Notice the attractive lattice in front of which I was stuck. Not a complaint against the fabulous work of the very kind woman who runs the festival, let me say that right now. It's just gotten more and more popular in recent years and so even though I sent in my fee almost the minute the application arrived, I still got relegated to this substandard little booth space. That drapey fabric you'll see behind my booth is covering....a refrigerator full of milk!!! No lie. I was so tempted to open the (yep, I had one of these too) fabric-draped freezer to see if I could find ice cream but that would have been just wrong, so I curbed my urge. Okay, how 'bout those pictures? Hold up. Let me if I can find one or two I'm willing to share...