New pendants calling my name

I have to admit, I'm still half asleep. Has something to do with the inability to fall asleep last night. Stayed up waaaaay too late last night then when I was finally in bed, I just lay there with visions of new jewelry designs dancing in my head. It was easier to imagine the new stuff, see, 'cause I got my new pendants last night. Yay!!!

It's a little thing, seemingly, to get a call from your friend that she's opened her kiln and that your pieces are ready to be picked up. And yet, it's not a little thing at all. So much time and effort goes into getting to just that point. And so when that time comes, it's suddenly the most exciting thing imaginable. Especially when you're awfully childlike in your anticipation in the first place.

It really is the little things. And today I have tons of little things arranged so compellingly on the little table in the living room downstairs. Where I had to spread them out so I could look at them again and again last night. And the beads. I had to sort them, see, and put them in little bundles "with their friends." 

When I left to go pick them up, I was halfway finished making a necklace of a design I've never tried before. It's very much cool. To me, anyway. It's always a little tricky to wonder if others will see what you see when you try something so different, but I'm holding out hope. So far my designs have been really popular. So in two days it'll be the moment of truth.

But first a little coffee will be in order. I'll work on jewelry for a while, then I have some errands to run. As it turns out, even among all these supplies, I do not have enough of what I want. And I have to go to my storage unit, too. I've got to assemble a spectacular booth. And right now, all I have is a semi-spectacular booth. There's a new display idea bouncing around in my head. Can't wait to see if it comes together the way I'm imagining. In order for that to happen, there's gonna have to be some drilling and screwing, another purchase or two, and some other efforts I won't tell you about. I've got a thing about surprises. I enjoy putting together a new booth each time and don't want to tell everything in advance.

But it's gonna' be fun. If I hurry up and get on it. Ta Ta! Wish me luck and I do hope some of my readers stop by and say hello.