Oops! Again...

So I remembered to write it on my to-do list. Which was a good step. And when I recalled that it was on said list (sadly it doesn't get checked nearly as often as it needs to) I took steps to make the call. Check.

It's afternoon THE NEXT DAY and did I yet follow through and scan the old business card, make the needed updates and email it to my printer. Neeeooooooooooo! 'Course not! He he. Be impressive if I had, though, no?

So I'm scanning it right now. Which is a really, really good thing. He said give him two days. I wonder if I have it to him within the next hour if I'll be able to get the new cards back by Friday? I'd better or I'm in some serious trouble. I'll be making my own cards on those perforated sheets. A lot of bother if you have a fine alternative don'tcha think?