Holy Glazed Pendants, Batman!

I have just spent the afternoon glazing pendants that are being fired tonight. Pendants that I might like to imagine should have been completed long before now, but that's not my M.O. I should have counted them as I arranged them on the shelf. Maybe 20? Maybe 50? I'm so bad with these things. I'll tell you when I get them back from the kiln.

This was much fun. I struggle with glazing, truth be told, but the anticipation of what they could possibly, maybe, sorta kinda might look like when they come out is so fabulous I make myself enjoy it. Sometimes I'm so far off base I have to admit defeat. And promise myself to never, ever use a finished piece in a piece of jewelry.

I'm holding out hope, however, that this batch will include nothing of the sort.

In spite of having washed my hands (with soap and everything) I still have the remnants of the glaze colorants and minerals under a couple my fingernails. Ugh. That's why God made those little tiny brushes. I wonder if mine are here in a bag or box or basket or somewhere in storage? Something else to add to the list.

Now if I eat some dinner, return that single phone call, and breathe deeply for a while, first, I shall then proceed to work on some necklaces that will be part of the overall design that includes the aforementioned just-barely-glazed pendants. Hopefully I can hang onto some of this anticipation; it'll make things a little easier as I crank up another hour or four of work.