And a one, and a two, and a three...

Here we go again, folks. I've now performed my, is it fifth? system restore to this computer. I KNOW I'm going to have to take serious strides. I may even have to go so far as to completely reformat the whole thing. But with the festival looming, you might understand how I really and truly don't have the available time to spare to completely format my computer. It's not as if I just use it for playing tetris and writing letters, or anything like that. I have sooooooo many files to doublecheck backups on. I wouldn't think of taking such a step without triple-checking. Oh the cringing to think of potential losses.

And so the option is to have another system restore in place and quickly change out a few things, and then maybe set another "restore point." Oh the lessons I've learned recently.

So now you know. And I'm off to make a couple of business phone calls, but not before I go downstairs and get a cup of that incredibly yummy smelling coffee. Jan brought it home last night. Creme brule. Mmmmmmm!