Gearing up for this Sunday's pottery festival

There's a lot involved when you're getting ready for a festival. For me, anyway. It occurs to me that people who "do" festivals regularly might have their groove down a little better than I do, but I suspect that most everyone who sells their work at events where other artisans are also selling will "kick it up a notch" the week leading up to the event.

And that's what this week is all about for me, too. In fact, I'm so focused on getting it all together for the festival that I forgot to even put the promotional material here on my website until today. And I haven't ordered the new business cards I need, yet, either. Which isn't a very good thing since (a) I only have about 25 left and (b) some of the information is now wrong on my card, since I've moved. That'll be next after I finish writing this entry.

But first I want to share a little about this week's progress. It's been fun and I've heard, offline, from some of the people who read my blog regularly. I hear they're looking for more. So here ya go! As is my custom, I am trying to create some new pieces with new designs during this final week. Not smart, since a new design always takes a little more time to work out the kinks. But it's my way, so I'm going with it. I spent a lot of time glazing even more pendants yesterday which wouldn't be so different from most of my fellow participants except that my pieces aren't finished and ready to go when they come out of the kiln. I make jewelry and so when they come out of the kiln, I still have to add that-which-emerges-from-the-kiln to at least a piece of leather with a clasp affixed, and more likely to an entire necklace. Which is tricky to design in advance since there's a good chance that which emerges will look quite a bit different from what you had in mind. That's how it works for me, anyway!

I'm also still hoping to get a few more little accent pieces made in time to have them fired without glaze. Now that's really pushing it, but again, it's all related to the way my mind works. Which would be "right up to the last possible minute."

Fortunately, I'm in pretty good shape with my actual booth. I seem to change the design and setup each time, but my most recent setup really worked for me and so I have very little large-scale preparation to work out. Such as is usually involved my final week. Like sawing and drilling and staining and such. Not to say it won't happen - sometimes I do come up with a last minute idea I can't let pass me by - but I'm holding out for no.

Aside from that, I'm just continuing to assemble the pieces that are already in the works. Those that are already glazed, fired, and sitting there with the beads and findings I've picked out to show off each one to really accent its unique quality.

And that's what I know. I'll keep you posted if any major changes come up. Otherwise, I'll continue working in this manner, with a little non-festival-related work interspersed here and there, for the rest of the week. Wish me luck!