Dena's book is finally available!!!

liscoverthumb.gifI didn't realize I'd be quite this excited when the time came. My friend Dena Harris has just published her first book. It's called Lessons in Stalking and the chapters I've read had me laughing harder than most things I've read in a long time.

Dena's writing has that quality. And if I weren't already an appreciator of all-things-witty, the seemingly-increasing heaviness of so many things in our world has made me appreciate good humor writing even more. We need humor, I believe, to get us through the tough times. I built the website to promote her book so why not promote it here too? Naturally the site is found at because...well, because it's not 1985! Of course that's where you'd go to find out about a new book by that name. But she does much better than that. She has her own website (which I didn't build, but I'll send you there anyway!) at and maybe the best of all is her blog. Which covers all kinds of stuff, including a behind-the-scenes-look at writing, publishing, her relationship with her husband and cats, and life in general. Oh. And The Decorating Diaries which I for one kinda' hope might become a book one day, too.

Anyway, I think I've covered it all. She's hysterical when she gets going, driven and focused (which is great inspiration for an all-over-the-placer like myself) and I'm really excited for her. Now go to her site. And buy the book. It'll make a great present for your cat-lover friends and family members in the coming months. Pick up a few!