You Can Now Buy Stuff Printed with My Designs

And by "stuff" I mean greeting and post cards, travel mugs, throw pillows, leggings, mini skirts, iPhone cases... and on it goes.

A couple of years ago I got very excited about my decision to finally open an account with one of those Print on Demand companies that will print my photos and digital artwork onto items that you can buy! And I did it, too. I uploaded a handful of images that I'd quite enjoyed creating digitally or with my cameras, and I opened that little shop. Only... I never told you about it and at the same time, life happened. As it so often does. The timing was just bad. So while the shop has remained open and I've even sold a couple of cards here and there, mostly it just sat there waiting. I've often wondered, these last couple of years, if it wasn't finally time to start stocking and promoting my little Redbubble shop and see what happens. Naturally now, this hot-but-ordinary Tuesday in July when my plate is full and I've been making jewelry like a madwoman, working the puzzle that will get me ready to actually tell you about THAT exciting project and finally launch an online shop... naturally this is the day I would choose to start playing with the tools to add this little"shop" of mine to my website. The first snippet of code shows you the portfolio of starter images that can be printed on items for your gift-giving pleasure.

I feel compelled to tell you that there are so many other pieces of digital art and glorious photography on my laptop that might have contributed to products far superior to these. But ours is not to question the mind and process of an attention-deprived creative mind. Let's just see if putting up this page and writing a bit about the process will inspire me to add more images soon. I sure hope so. You wouldn't believe the excellent goodies I have in my collection!

Whether you want prints, blank cards, coffee and travel mugs, zipper pouches, throw pillows or even mini skirts... many of the images in this collection can be rendered in just that fashion!

So I wrote this page. The part above, anyway. Let's say it was a month ago. I didn't stop designing, but my designs got more focused on clothes. And more specifically, my designs got more focused on leggings. I cannot get enough of designing leggings.

Which is why I've pushed pause on the other merch for "a few minutes" while I take this whole endeavor to the next level. I'm working on a full-fledged online shop where you can buy leggings created from designs my me! It's just too much fun not to show you a little bit. I don't believe for a minute that the shoppers are going to come flooding to this page, so I'll leave it live but only accessible through search engines. That way by the time you're really looking for what I have to offer, hopefully my shop will be live... or at least close to live. Contact me if you want to be put on my mailing list and I'll notify you the day my new shop goes live.

Meanwhile, yes... the jewelry designs are still waiting in the wings. I just couldn't proceed further down that path until I resolved some of the loose ends that had needed tying up for way too long. Thanks for checking in! I cannot wait to show you what's coming!