Books on Zentangle & Doodling

To date, I have 3 physical books and one e-book. They are:

By Jane Marbaix
By Beckah Krahula
By Suzanne McNeill CZT
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The above is just a spaceholder.

My professional fine artist friends joke about how, in the beginning, artists often buy book after book, hoping that they'll learn more and more from the wisdom those books can impart. And while they each do offer unique benefits, in the end? You just have to paint, paint more, and keep ON painting!

This has been my experience, too, in my short time tangling. No more books for a while. For now, just practice, practice, practice. And keep organizing these resources. Of course, that, too!

There are Way More Books, too:

By Margaret Bremner, Norma J. Burnell, Penny Raile, Lara Williams