Zoe goes to "Circus School"

In spite of the fact that I am not a mom, I have been to a remarkable number of child-centered activities over the years:

  • Birthday parties,
  • Soccer games,
  • Paint Your Own Pottery events,
  • Dance recitals,
  • Karate classes (only I'm trying to remember, now, if I've actually seen those in person, or just talked to the mom while she watched said class through the big ole' window. Never mind that...)
  • Children's Museums,
  • Science Centers,
  • Chuck E Cheese,
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.,

Still? Out here in LA, I've now attended one more thing I didn't necessarily give that much advance thought to: "Circus School!!!" Zoes goes there. And Zoe is Eleanor Redpath's friend which means I got to meet her, too - her whole family, in fact - and now I've not only met her, but I've gone to watch her practice things that I've always thought were way cool from afar, but never imagined I'd watch in person while a child of my acquaintance performed.

Zoe pretty much kicks butt...