You'll prolly want to get your edamame somewhere else

This morning required a little trip to Target and it was really exciting to believe, for a little while, that everything I needed during that little excursion would be available in one place. Walking through the aisles, I congratulated myself more than once at my cleverness at only needing things that could be procured under a single roof. That is, until I arrived at the meagre-but-growing grocery area and walked up to the freezer section to examine the selection of frozen vegetables.

Can you believe that there was not a single bag of edamame in sight? I admit to being a smidge miffed, and put the granola cereal back as I headed back to the registers, realizing that edamame was not an optional item on my list, so I might as well buy cereal where there was likely to be a greater selection from which to choose. Had all but pointed my car toward Earth Fare and said "drive," when I realized there was, in fact, a Harris Teeter two doors down. And it was cold. And wet. And while I love shopping at Earth Fare, there was no reason to insist upon being able to choose between 5 different bags of edamame. Especially when everything else I needed would have happily waited a few more days, if necessary.

Good thing, too. Dear Reader, go ahead and thank me now. I'm about to make your week. (Okay, Christmas is gonna' make your week. And all that sublime, unhealthty food your mom's going to ply you with in a few days. But I'm gonna' make the other part of your week. By telling you that Harris Teeter Has Edamame On Sale For The Bargain Offer Of Buy One Get One Free! At least they did this morning at about 10am. I'm not familiar with their sale rotation schedule, so keep that in mind.

Of course I realize some of you may be disappointed to realize they only carry one brand, and it's only the kind in the shells. I recently discovered the convenience of the pre-shelled kind. But there's something very gratifying about opening those little pods to get at the deliciousness yourself.

You'll also thank me when I tell you not to bother going over to the Harris Teeter on Lawndale to pick up your delectable treats this week. Because by the time I'd piled my cart with as many bags as I wanted, this morning, there was only one bag left in the freezer. And while I like to hope that someone official came along behind me and restocked the shelves - 'cause that'd be way cool - there's no guarantee. I'm just sayin' - save yourself the drive time. Try one of the other forty eleven thousand Harris Teeters in town when you head out to get your own addictive treat.

Okay, I'm signing off. It's hard to type and open these little green shells at the same time...