"You be da fake Mimi!"

About a week agoOne of my favorite things in the world is when I get to talk to Mr. Pie on the phone. Now that Rami is 3, he's got more opinions than ever, and the Magical ExpandaVocabulary that matches is sometimes the funniest stuff I've ever heard. Today, sis called while they were on their way to Costco and I could hear him in the back seat. Finally I had to ask what he was saying; I heard my name (well, the name he calls me,) and it didn't sound like the usual "I wanna' talk to Mimi!" The curiosity was taking over.

Turns out what he was saying is that he was talking to Mimi. The Mimi who was sitting beside him in the van. "The Fake Mimi!" (Yes, my three year old nephew now has "fake" in his personal entertainment arsenal.)

Not too long after, I wasn't surprised to learn that he was ready to talk to me. He cleverly suggested this to his mom by saying, "You talk to dis Mimi and I'll talk to dat one." But even I was surprised when he got on the phone and he declared to me: "You be da fake Mimi!" To which I initially responded, "But I don't have to be fake. You can talk to me now. I'm the real Mimi!" Because hello???

Well how wrong was I? He objected. Mightily. "But I want you to be da fake Mimi!!!" (You could practically hear the bottom lip coming out.) And I could tell by the tone in his voice that I was messin' up the plan! Big Time. So I agreed, and all was right in paradise.

Eventually I got far more confused than usual. They were going into Costo. Somebody was going with him. He called her by the same name as me. She's a littlle fake, he told me bye, kept talking to me... it was great. I love this kid. And if he's got invisible friends based on me, I'm thinking I can live with that...