Yesterday's view & today's work groove

Come be a fly on my wall for a second? Sitting here struggling to achieve the texture my brain can see but my computer cannot, for use on a website, I realized I should just create the effect in real life out of paper, shoot it, upload it and work from that. Voila! Because that would be a lot faster than what I'd been doing. So I did that! I think I'm gonna' be pleased with the results.

But then when I was downloading the photo I need, I saw this one, too. It was my Happy Photo From Yesterday. Arriving home from working in a coffee shop for a few hours, Atlanta Friend called. As I talked to her, I got out of the car and looked around. The sky took my breath away. I pulled out my camera then, but it was after I brought my things in and went out back that I saw the view I wanted to really capture. I took this shot for you, of course.

So here you are. It's not so picturesque outside today. I've got a 2:30 meeting, at which time I'll have to be all pretty and presentable for the world. But 2:30 feels like ages and ages from now, so I can continue to sit here working in my bare feet, red toes woefully chipped beyond Summertime Presentableness But Who Cares Today, holes in my jeans, hair drying, listening to a super-random mix of music. Train's "Hopeless" just came on and I replayed it when I realized how much I was enjoying it. It's a wistful, sad song, but the sound is just so beautiful to me today.

Here's to taking pleasure from a wide variety of simple observations!