Yea, well that was a lie

A few of you will recall the day I declared that I needed to stop talking about when I was going to WV and just let you know when I get there. You'll recall, but I forgot. Today was a great reminder.

Left the house to do some errands and before I returned home, had agreed/made arrangements to stay here another week. The details fall under the heading of "not for the blog," although it's no big deal, really. Let's just say I'll get there when I'm supposed to get there. The house will still be (mostly) empty and waiting for me. :) There's something freeing about letting go, more and more, of the attachment to this "schedule" of mine. Can't explain it. Another "process" thing, I guess.

So yea. Not going to WV tomorrow. Think I'll go next Tuesday. Which is, of course, apparently open to negotiation. For now? Back to working in coffee shops. Because the thing that's not negotiable? I've got some work to get caught up on. A LOT of work...