Wonky sleep cycles, music from back when & productivity levels

Perhaps it's not considered the classic that was David Bowie's, but I've always been more drawn to Peter Schilling's "Major Tom." Thought I'd mention that and include the video so you can hear what I've been listening to just now while I work. A couple of times. This video is so very eighties. This song gets in my head. Weirds me out. I like it anyway. Probably that this one came out while I was in high school factors into my preference - partly because of the familiarity of this piece, as well as the general sound of 80's music which is pretty different from the sound of what Bowie recorded the year I was born.

Now. That has nothing to do with my sleep habits, but that's really what I'm here to write about for the moment. Could we, do you mind, have a little chat about this sleep schedule business that seems to have taken solidly hold of my rhythms and refuses to let go? I won't go on forever, I promise. Just a while. I'm not altogether certain that I mind, except for the fact that sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk at 9pm it occurs to me that some people are doing other things at that hour. Social things. Fun things. Sure, there's Facebook and the phone and email to distract me on occasion, but for the most part I've found myself much preferring a later shift of work lately. I've always been more an evening person than a morning person, and once you get past the twinges of guilt that perhaps you'd doing something naughty when you roll over and see the clock says 8:15am and you know most of your friends have been at the office for a while now, and you haven't yet even made a pot of coffee...it's nice. Aside from that sense of being out of synch with what's generally expected, I tend to prefer these hours. For now, anyway. Take today, for example. I've been really focused since I returned from my laser hair removal appointment a little after noon. (Yes I'm doing that. Yes it hurts. Yes it's working. Yes it's worth it.) It was a good work day. A frustrating work day, too, because I fought with some code in a way that I should not have had to fight with code, by now, but sometimes it happens that there's just a need to make a web page do something just a tiny bit different from what you normally might want it to do, and it seems like such a little, little thing. But it's not. So I fought with code for hours and finally figured it out and would have quite happily kicked myself, as they say, if it would have done any good. Naturally I can't very well bill the client for my little lesson, now can I? Little expensive lesson. Although those are the ones that last, so there you have it.

We were talking about sleep. And how I am not actually getting a lot of it. Of course I could change that. I could stop writing this very moment and go in there and close my eyes and sleep. But there's this thing keeping me here in my chair, responding to one more email, reviewing one more set of samples from the client just processing ideas for what she'd like to see for her own site, answering just one more list of questions from the client just sharing his vision... I can always do one more thing. Then it's 2am. These rhythms snuck into the beach house this weekend and I get a sense my friends are not pleased with me. I'm certain much of it would have happened, anyway - you get 4 laughing women in a beach house for a few days, pour a few glasses of wine, turn on some good tunes, start a story...nobody's going to bed. But I know my schedule had to have factored in.

Where it gets tricky is the place where "ordinary people" converge with my choices. My phone tends to start ringing at about the hour it would have had I not been staying up late at night. And I get up and take these calls because I want to. Few days in a row of this and I find I'm ready for a nap at noon, and a snuggle at 9pm. Which is fine, too, no?

Starting to think sleep sounds really good. Maybe I'll pay attention to that thought... G'nite, ya'll!