Wonder if he'll be able to fix my funk?

I am in a funk. There. I said it. For a little cocktail of personal reasons I won't blog about, I've been in varying stages of this funk for a week or so now. Although The Incurable Optimist That Drives My Life is very much aware that these things always take care of themselves over time, that awareness does little to alleviate the pall that's settled around me. And so when I'm not moping or crying (can't believe I just wrote that online,) or forcing myself to suck it up, I cycle through a typically-helpful list of distractions:

  • List the things in my life that are amazing and for which I have much gratitude.
  • Go for a walk. Okay, one counts, right?
  • Talk to God.
  • Watch random stupid videos online.
  • Make fun playlists out of my favorite music.
  • And movies on TV.
  • Talk on the phone.
  • Work extra-long hours.
  • And? The biggie? Hang with my favorite toddler.

So far they're not working. But that last one? That's what I'll be doing this evening. Sis needed some last minute help and after my whining over how much work I have to do, how far behind I am, how I would have to cancel my plans for tonight, I got over myself and said yes. I mean, hello? He's Mr. Pie! What's not to want to hang out with? (Don't answer that.)

He has no idea the pressure that's going to be placed upon his adorable shoulders tonight. He has to be cute and charming and funny and delightful every second of the night. Because that's what I need him to be, that's why! Sometimes he is these things without even trying. Usually, actually. But keen observers will recall that he is also very much a two year old. And so the jury's out on whether he's going to be in the mood to be my little saving grace tonight, or not.

I say he will, though. 'Cause he's The Batutah. And The Batutah has many, many skills for turning my funk on its ear.

Guess I'll find out soon enough!