Winding down the last Friday night of my 39th year

It's been a pretty hoppin' night at the Casa de Melody. Which is to say I peeled myself up off the chair in front of this computer, where I planted myself so many hours ago, looked around and said - to quote my favorite toddler - "Who made this mess???!!!"  Turns out if you don't do anything but work, and ignore the household responsibilities, stuff will start to pile up.

After that, I took some phone calls, folded the laundry that's been in that basket since so long there's no way my shamed self will tell you, started another load, did some dishes, and Moved A Lot Of Stuff From One Place To Another.

Then I got bored with all that and decided to go out on the 'net and surf for information on something I need to learn how to do. Website design-wise that is. Which led, you won't be surprised to learn, to some serious web surfin. I stand by my decision, though, because I found some magnificent, inspiring designs that make me want to try some new tricks I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

Then I stumbled across some exceptionally well taken photos of a fairly unfortunate looking baby, which caused me not a little guilt. You're not supposed to think of babies as anything but glorious and delightful in every way. You're just not! Alas, that baby was not easy to look at. See. I have guilt again. That baby deserves all the love in the world - no question about it - and there's no good reason for me to be writing about her little unfortunate self on my blog.

It's that kind of night, though.

It occurs to me that I could quite easily close my eyes this second and be asleep within fourteen minutes. I haven't been to bed before 2am in well over a week, maybe two, and those bags under my eyes that I noticed in the mirror earlier today are not going to go away by the arrival of my birthday if I don't start catching up on my beauty sleep immediately. And this is a birthday I do not want to look old for, babies.

For those who are curious - I've been asked several times lately - the year that followed last year's Big Birthday Freak Out Blog Post (for which I was granted all kinds of google luv!) has helped to get me a little more ready for a new decade. It doesn't hurt to know, and to feel comfortable admitting without chagrin, that at least I do not look 40.

At least I didn't before I stopped sleeping...