Will this be Mr. Pie's first snow day ever?

My nephew is in preschool now. Writing that still feels strange, but it's true. He now tells me stories of "at school today" and it freaks me out sometimes, that he's already so big. But I love it, too. Those clichés are true - children are sponges. Every second seems to bring new learning opportunities. And not the kinds that adults sometimes come to dread. Just simple, delightful lessons about the world around them.

Rami and I haven't talked today, but last I heard, there was a local forecast of snow. Where we live in North Carolina, schools get closed much sooner than for our friends living in colder climates.

I can't help but wonder if there's a giddy mood of anticipation in Rami's classroom. It's his first possible snow day in the history of ever! Remember those? I can't remember my own first snow day. I wonder if he's excited, or just having business-as-usual? I hope he is. Snow days were fun.

What a little bundle of delight. I see the world in a shifted way because of thoughts and observations over how he might be seeing it. Even a fairly ordinary Friday morning has been tilted a bit, with thoughts of "what's going on in his head right now?"

Hm. I think I just blogged one of the definitions of "love" today!