Why are you not in West Virginia yet, woman?

One or two of you no doubt think I made up the whole story about how I was taking a little sabbatical from my life and moving to West Virginia, as some leftover-from-childhood cry for attention, or some such. Seeing as how more than once I've declared to anyone who would listen that I was, I'm Serious This Time, heading that way any day now, with a van filled with my life's essentials.

Have decided to stop blogging the starts and stops and just let you know when I get there. Didn't go today. Not going tomorrow. In fact, although I do plan to go up for a couple of days sometime in the next few weeks, I don't see me actually Doing My WV Thing until early April.

Every time I think I've cleared the way to go, I realize I was just deluding myself. Turns out I didn't quite take seriously enough what would be involved in shutting down my life here. Even giving myself permission to return to Greensboro as needed. Even if that return was every other weekend.

I don't know how the Redpaths are doing it. They're selling everything and leaving the country for a year, with each other plus their two kids in tow. Here it's just me. And an empty house less than a 3 hour drive from here. If I had their hurdles, it'd take me 3 years to get ready to go. (www.fromheretouncertainty.com) I keep their faces in front of me every time I start to whine about how much there is to do.

So until further notice, let's just say:

  • I'm still planning to go,
  • I don't know when it's happening,
  • A part of my brain was apparently turned off when I decided to do this, and the other part kept booking "stuff" same as always,
  • If you're waiting for me to get back to you, please pardon the delay - I'm packing and moving things to storage right now, to get myself ready to return to uber-portable, nomad living for a while,
  • And in spite of how nervous living like this makes lots of you (I know: you've told me,) I'm actually okay. A little stressed about how much I've planned to fit into this week, but working on letting that go any minute now...

Happy March, ya'll!