Who took the photo of this bear with his head in the bus?

Taking the blogger's lazy/tired way out, I thought I'd peek around on Stumble and see what I could find that might make me smile or at least want to bother putting it on my blog. Saw some smarmy pop-culture stuff, some quotes from Einstein, some yummy cheesecake (I love it when a friend's blog actually shows up in Stumble when you're clicking the random toolbar button, don't you?) and a lot of cool graphic design stuff.

And then? This!

I have no idea who took this photo. It was posted here, on this site, in a pretty large format. And I peeked around the 'net a bit to see if I might not credit the photographer. Alas, just a lot of other people doing what the person did whose post I found. So if the photographer shows up here (it's happened, though admittedly, usually only when I use their names,) thank you and introduce yourself!

Can you imagine what this moment must have felt like on that bus?