Who starts a road trip at 5pm, anyway?

Who starts a road trip at 5pm, you ask? Well that'd be anyone bearing the last name "Watson" - unless you're my Granddaddy, then he's far down the road at 5am! But the rest of us? We cannot get on the road to save our lives. As they say. Friend on the phone declared that I need a supervisor, and I'm all for it, 'cause I know he tells the truth. But as it stands: no supervisor in sight. So I'm leaving after 5.

So yea, I'm just about to leave WV in a few minutes, and although I'm coming back in a few weeks for another several-week getaway, it felt like I was closing up for months. I can't stand to return to an untidy house and so there was the general straightening to do. Not to mention the repacking of some bags since I don't really know what should be left here and what should come along. There's little more annoying than knowing just what you need... and realizing that thing you need is 150 miles away, just where you left it. Plus the little matter of some work. And stuff.

So I was all proud and smiley this morning when my dad called me "industrious" over the phone (I'm pretty sure that was the word, anyway,) and thought he must be right, too, as I was walking back to the house with this funky-cool tool in my hand that I acquired yesterday for the express purpose of turning off the water to the house. Piece Of Cake!

Then? Then I realized that there was a wasp in my car. And if you think that this industrious chick is gonna' make a 3 hour drive with a stinging insect thingie in my car, you'd best to think again. Not feeling quite so industrious right now, but still feeling optimistic that the simple act of leaving the car door standing open might let the little guy out and on his way...rather than making it easier for all his friends to join him.

Here's to stingless roadtrips!