"Where's Waldo" wraps: my new studio is at the Greensboro School of Creativity

"So when are you gonna' tell us where your studio is? Or do we need to come hunt you down?" So said my client/friend on the phone yesterday, reminding me of my oversight. Sure enough, I moved into a studio, then I blogged about it - (twice.) Then... Nothing. Caught up in the transition to these new rhythms, I forgot the promised follow-up Location Reveal for anyone who might care.

My little studio is at Greensboro School of Creativity.

Now I’m just playing, see? Since it was so much fun to design the background for the new Greensboro School of Creativity website, I thought it would be a hoot to use that in a blog post that tells you about my new favorite place to create! (And it was!)

Yay new spaces, huh? This is way more exciting than you might even realize. Especially if you're not from the Triad and therefore are still in the dark about this new Art School Meets Co-Op Meets Home Of A New Film Series Meets Creative, Collaborative Extravaganza! With studios, classes, an opening-soon gallery, yoga, tai chi, writing classes, summer camp for kids, and so much more plus I Can't Wait To Find Out What Else placed gently on top beside 3 maraschino cherries and a sprinkle of your favorite chocolatey topping.

It's one of the reasons things have gotten so quiet around here on my blog, in fact. I've been spending more time putting things on the GSC site and drafting pieces for the blog, Currents, and training new people who will one day do the same, than I have over here on my own blog, in recent weeks. Since the day, while putting the finishing touches on the website's brand new design and GSC founder, Chip Bristol suggested the idea of my moving into one of the remaining studios, I've become increasingly immersed in the energy of this place. GSC is - for me - among the most collaborative, nurturing, creatively inspiring communities I've ever known. (Wistful, nostalgic hat tip to those sparkly months, years back, when "the old gang" in, Deik Pierce's Art Alliance pottery/ceramics class, made ourselves a little bubble of wonderfulness. Sigh. Back to now...)

Click to visit the Greensboro School of Creativity websiteLots of blog posts are brewing here, though. One day I'll probably tell you more than you want to know about what it's like to have a studio in the same building as artists Tracey Marshall and Chip Bristol and Jack Stone and Karine Thoresen and Margot Robinson and Hollis Gabriel and so many others. In fact, why don't I stop name-dropping and you just click here and see the faces of all kinds of creative people I've been getting to know since I made the biggest commitment I've even considered in a long, long time.

Dreaming of the day when I've sewn the drapes and stained the shelving and hung something on the walls, I've nonetheless already made myself very much at home there, and try to spend the better part of at least 2 days a week there. I can imagine a time when I'll go even more often, but for now it's just too much fun. So I have to force myself to stay home for work sometimes, just so I'll be sure I don't get caught up in one more unscheduled play-date. Too many creative distractions? Yea. That's a "problem" I'm happy to sort out...