Wherein the highlight of my workday is that a client loves Squarespace as much as I do

On occasion I've found myself wanting to do some sort of mind meld hypnosis action with clients who think Squarespace is good, even great, but when - even then - they don't seem to get Just How Amazing This Service Is. Of course it's natural that everyone isn't as big a dork as I am. It's natural that - if what I've showed them will help them achieve their goals more efficiently - they might not really care beyond that, that the service we're using Is Amazing And Wonderful In Ways They Do Not Comprehend. Doesn't stop me from whiching they could get it!

And then there are the other ones. It doesn't make me like these clients more, of course. It doesn't make me feel they're more worthy or more evolved or more...anything! But I have to tell you I like it, nonetheless. A lot. What it means instead is that probably their own experiences with technology have been somewhat similar to my own, and they've had reason in the past to dabble or even work with programs that are not as smooth and helpful as my beloved web host.

An hour ago, while in the middle of a phone update/training session with Chicago Client, I heard the words that add the often-craved lift to my day: "Wow!" "We can do that???" "This Squarespace is amazing!" "Oh! I didn't know how we'd do that; this is incredible!" "Hey - this will help me work more efficiently and I won't have to call you all the time!"


Helping people to see the light, one person at a time...

Now, I just need to hunker down for about 36 hours straight so I can actually finish the 3 simultaneous sites that I can't wait to show off one day soonish. Soon is relative in webdev terms, but it's been a while since I've finished a site I wanted to brag about. Now I'm hoping it won't be too long before I have several! Stay tuned...