Wherein I quickly peek in from my blogging hiatus

Turns out when people are used to reading something new most every day, they notice when you take a break from blogging. Especially when the last post you made said you were getting sick. Thanks for the emails and phone calls and text messages.


Yes, I got sick. Although I feel a little guilty using that as an excuse for not blogging, since the other people I know who have been under the weather lately - tons and tons of you, actually - have been way worse off than I have, and can't seem to beat this bug or whatever incarnation of "the common cold" that's been going around.  I, on the other hand, don't think it hit me that hard.

Nevertheless, I've been "slightly out of town" at a friend's little retreat again for the weekend, drinking what must be gallons of green tea (and chamomile, and white tea and who knows what else got into the mix.) And taking these luxurious bubble baths and watching chick flicks... and moving very, very slowly.

If you have to get sick, I highly recommend you try to do it this way. Sure beats moaning and worrying that your life as you know it just might be over any second now. (Which is usually how I handle a bad cold.)

Maybe we'll get back to some "real" blogging soon. Until then, hope your weekend is great!