Wherein I make up something for the blog

How's your productivity level today? Here? Not so grand. Not horrid, but not exactly a "red letter day" either. Never mind I'm sitting here about to resume work on One Of The Most Fun Web Design Projects Of Ever, something was nagging me. Suddenly I realized it was going to continue to bother me that my poor little'ol blog was being ignored.

So here you are. My Friday Hey Ya'll! How about a few items from my "to do" list? Since that doesn't require much concentration at all! Personal and work all mixed in together:

  • Download photos from last night's Dot Matrix Project performances of Laurelyn Dossett and Rhiannon Giddens. Not sure I got anything good, but I'm still gonna' check. Soon I'll tell you a little about it. (Hint = amazing.) Not today, though.
  • Rework graphics from the aforementioned web project, combining my clients' favorite elements for the next round.
  • Loads and loads of laundry.
  • Reply to a whole honkin pile of emails I've neglected.
  • And a couple of phone calls, too.
  • Look at the needs of a brand new potential client and respond to her questions.
  • Resume trying to figure out The Perplexing CSS Issue that's kept me stumped on yet another web project for longer than I meant to take.

And stuff.

The tunes are fine, I'm in a spectacular mood, and I figure the next couple of hours are going to be more successful than the last one was. It could happen, right? With this list, it had better!

You? I hope your day is fabulous and every bit as productive as you want/need it to be. Cheers!