Where the Locals Eat - cool found site

Remember the last time you were traveling and ended up having dinner in what was clearly Just Any Old Ordinary Restaurant? When what you wished you were doing was eating your dinner in that awesome place everybody in town knew about, but you did not? It happens.

Everything's about planning and if you've been able to take the time to check in advance - using one of the handy travel references, or maybe by calling a friend who lives in that city - you're in luck.

For times when you haven't had a chance to do that extra prep? Here's a possible tool: Where the Locals Eat dot com. Just found this site and will be adding it to my resource list. From their site:

A Guide to the Best Restaurants in America

Where the Locals Eat spotlights the top 100 restaurants in each of the top 50 cities in America. This online restaurant guide includes thousands of listings as well as succinct descriptions of favorite restaurants, new discoveries and best-kept secrets, from cheeseburgers and soul food to the finest steak houses, sushi bars and New American hot spots.

They feature 50 cities with over 5000 restaurants. Seems to me if you're traveling to any major cities, you never have to eat in a chain again!

Plus? I just did a quick spot check. In Seattle a couple of years ago, I had some seriously exqusite eating experiences. Just peeked through the site and found two places I remember! La Carta de Oaxaca on Ballard for the best Mexican? Yep...that's what their list says, too! Cafe Campagne on Pine St? Oh yea... they agree. So I'm adding this to my list of Happy Finds this week!

'Course if you like to travel to Small Town America, you're on your own...