Where I'll be for the next 6 weeks

This map (thank you Google!) provides a quick visual of my next 6 weeks. If you click on it, you'll see a version you can actually read. If you should be so inclined...

Starting in Raleigh on Friday, I'll fly to Los Angeles where I'll spend some time with friends. (More on that later.) From there, I'm told we're going up to San Francisco, which excites me greatly since not only have I never been to LA, I've also never been to SF! Then back to LA.

From there, on September 9, I'll leave and fly to Seattle.

Last time I was in Seattle, it was for 2 weeks and aside from a day trip to a nearby park - was it Mount Olympus? Was it Mount Rainier? I'm embarrassed to say I don't even remember now, though I tend to think it was Olympus. So this time I'm planning to make a few trips to "nearby" cities. On the proposed agenda for this trip are both Vancouver AND Portland! Plus one of the aforementioned mountains, or another.

I'll fly back to Greensboro on October 11.

As you can imagine, when I'm not working, these days my main focus is trying to figure out exactly what I need to pack. Many things once considered vital or necessary for my everyday comfort are now being considered luxuries or extraneous. One of my Seattle friends told me she and her husband haven't checked luggage in years, preferring instead to pack everything in their carry on bags. I'm not feeling so confident that I'll be able to do such, so will pay the extra fees for checking a bag. But still, what will I need for six weeks? Particularly when not only am I traveling during a time when the season change is approaching, but also when I'm departing a cauldron of humidity and traveling to a region that boasts low, low humidity. That alone, my friends, is worth the price of admisison. Especially this summer!

Among the other activities filling my time are meeting with local clients who prefer to work face-to-face, seeing friends with whom I frequently go 6 weeks without an in-person visit, but who - faced with an actual itinerary - seem concerned that perhaps I might not return. Which leaves my calendar looking far more packed than I'm accustomed. Which is always better than being bored! And having no friends or clients!

Now I'll sign off and be productive for a while longer before I head over to hang with my sister's family. It's been far too long since I've seen them. I miss my nephew. And since being away from him is going to be one of my least favorite things about this trip - if not THE least favorite thing - you'll naturally understand why I'm looking forward to my afternoon.

Hope yours is filled with things that excite you, too!

In future posts, I'll explain more about who I'm seeing while away, how I plan to continue my work (yay technology and portable careers!) and a "Little" Photography Project I'm formulating for myself!