Where are these "normal" people of whom you speak?

It's been quite a day already, and it's not even noon yet. You know those days: the one in which you wake to recall that, for no apparent reason whatsoever, your phone charger broke yesterday, in the spot where it plugs into the phone, and although you conveniently have tons of tiny pairs of pliers left over from your days designing artisan jewelry pieces, you do not, in fact, have the skill to repair a piece of electronic equipment. And that discovery annoys and surprises you. Meanwhile this discovery is followed by the one that your phone is very low on its charge and you are going to definitely have to either take a very long drive in your car on your way to an actually quite close by meeting, to allow your phone to charge while you drive, or work in a visit to somewhere that will carry replacement chargers like the one you still don't know how you broke. And so you try to return calls via Skype,, but all the people you're trying to reach don't answer the phone because apparently you're not the only one who screens your calls and nobody recognizes the number. So you play this ludicrous game of phone tag with a handful of people you really do need and want to talk to this morning, and there's further mayhem involving kitties and their tiny unexpected messes, and an iron that leaks all over the top you decided to wear today, and a friend who's left a message saying she's going to stop by my home this morning and see if I'm here, which is alarming but on the other hand, she probably means to save me from a potentially-reclusive life that can't be good for an extrovert, so you work that awareness into your rhythms, and you're giving serious consideration to the sudden idea that you might just want to take your laptop to bed and work there today.

So sis calls in the midst of all this, which is surprising inasmuch as it's a work day and her career does not typically allow for many spontaneous chats, and what's odd is when she calls instead of saying "hello" her greeting is "Do you want to know what kind of idiot I am?" Which is followed by her telling me the story about her own day filled with sitcom-worthy instances that include embarrassing dental appointment screwups and quandaries involving choices about where to buy an expensive book in order to get the best discount, but for several reasons, the place offering the greatest discount isn't really where she prefers to buy the book, and so on and so forth. By the end I'm thinking, "And you're the sane one in the family!"

Sis pauses and then says, "Do you think normal people have these kinds of days?" I'm fairly certain that they do not, but on the other hand, I would like someone to actually introduce me to some of these sane people of whom you speak, so maybe it's not so bad. And I'm also comforted to know that I am not alone in this often lunatic circus I call my life. Which is something...