When it becomes vital that you leave your little cave

Less than a month ago, I was holed up in a client's country farmhouse designing, collaborating, laughing...and dropping everything to run outside and shoot photos of sunsets and the like. Less than two months ago I was spending my final weeks of the summer in the WV hideaway that was my big fancy idea of the best way to spend this specific summer. Back and forth and back and forth I made that drive, each trip bringing me new discoveries and experiences and revelations.

Here's a photo I took a couple of days after that other thrilling, vivid sunset popped out of my camera bringing with it the kind of satisfaction that only comes from a huge bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or a dip in the ocean on a sweltering, humid day in Charleston in August. I often bend over backwards to keep the power lines out of the shot, but this one needed them. That evening, keeping power lines in the frame was mandatory.

Can you spot the setting sun in the shot?

Now I'm back in my beloved Greensboro, and have holed up inside, working, working, designing, writinig, spending hours on the phone with clients I may never meet, who live in places like Oregon and Minnesota and Tennessee. Not to mention the ones who are currently in Poland, whom I am absolutely hell bent on meeting, one day, when the time is right, but let's don't hold our breath just yet because it's coming up on time for them to head on to their next destination, which I think is Germany. And I don't think Germany is on my itenerary just yet. You can read all about this hard-core travel adventure and REAL digital nomad existence over here.

As for me, I couldn't be happier to have hidden away inside during the heatwave that seems to have broken. Only now I have to run some errands. Who am I to complain about having to leave my cozy? Most of you have to get up and do this, whether you like it or not, several days a week, and I recognize the barrels of gratitude that is mine to dole out that I get to keep the kind of schedule I get to keep.

But today? Yea... it would be pretty cool if I could stay in a little longer, continuing to hide from polite society in the way that's become quite comfy for me. As it is, if I leave right now, I have delusions of finishing up the list and getting back here before 5 o'clock Friday traffic does its damage. To which we all can just say in unison: Yea Right.

There's more to tell. I'm getting calls and emails from people wondering Where In The World Are You, NOW, And When Will We Be Seeing You? So this is for you: I'm back. I'm here. I'm working. And working. And it's very, very good. Give me a little more time. I'll reemerge soon and rejoin the buzzing masses in this town, and meet you for lunch and go to the meetups and taco nights and photo exhibits and local bands' gigs. But not yet.

Happy Friday!