What writer's block looks like in early March

Another week, another series of stalling techniques. I present a timeline for you, related to what goes on behind the scenes as I prepare for another writing session that will lead to the eventual publication of my novel:

  • Tuesday, 8:30pm-ish: Learn that it's very likely I'll be the only one at my writer's group today. Am not necessarily surprised, since I know that the others who used to come here so regularly are up to here with other projects. Am a little bummed, and consider not going since it shouldn't matter where I am, I can write, anyway, right? 
  • Tuesday, 10:00pm-ish: Recall friend's early assertion that she hopes we can keep this routine sacred. Decide I really want to do just that. Plus, I am inspired to write when I'm in the same space every week.
  • Tuesday, 10:30pm-ish: Decide that since I'm about to head over to a friend's place for a few days of pet-sitting, I should have everything packed in my car when I drive to The Sanctuary to write, thereby making my whole day more streamlined and efficient.
  • Wednesday, 4:30am-ish: In order to ensure I'm on track to hit that goal, my brain plays a little trick on me and delivers a case of 2-hour-long insomnia.
  • Wednesday, 8:30am - 10:30am: Having finally returned to hard sleep, awaken later than I should have. Become immersed in writing something for the website I'm launching at the end of the month. Completely forget that I am on a deadline. Once my faux pas is discovered, decide to go easy on myself since it's not exactly like I've been goofing off!
  • 11:15am-ish: Take phone call from honeyman and let him entertain me while packing clothes for the next few days. Am fairly certain this decision slows me down, but whatever. I'm crazy about this man and love talking to him.
  • 12:10pm: Arrive at The Sanctuary to discover that I am, in fact, alone. Make a cup of coffee, set up my laptop, notice a beautiful book on the coffee table in front of me entitled Artists at Work: Inside the Studios of Today's Most Celebrated Artists. Take a picture of this beautiful book with my iPhone, thinking it will add mightily to the blog post I'm mentally formulating. Pick up the book and flip through it, fantasizing of having such a studio as one of these masters. Come to my senses and decide you can click on the link of the title and see the photo on Amazon, since adding an image here will slow me down further.
  • 12:30pm: Recall that I am not, in fact, a painter and that my studio is right here in my lap. Writing and graphic designs alike dwell in harmony in their electronic files. And? I need to cut it out and get to work.
  • 12:48pm: Having elected to write this blog post, against faint objections, make a promise myself to publish this, then get to work forthwith. And? Even though I didn't start writing at noon, nobody says I have to leave at 2 when the group is typically scheduled to break up. Which is to say, I have come here to write for two hours, and I shall write for two hours. Starting...