What we always do when Melody's blogging mojo takes a hit

Has your brain adjusted to the new time change? 'Cause mine has not and I'm just about ready for bed. At the unheard of hour of ten pm. But first? We're gonna' peek at the random searches people have performed with Google et al, which led them to my blog. That's what we do when the exceedingly long list of topics I'd meant to blog about by now holds no appeal. It's easy. Like popsicles.

During the past 24 hours, according to my yummy Squarespace statistical report, people have typed the following into Google and found my site:

  • 2008 roy's folks (uh - maybe I'd better advertise this one a little better?)
  • writing a southern accent
  • convergesouth 2008
  • why you don't stand under tree
  • screw top wine bottles trends
  • self discovery blogging
  • blogger convention
  • please keep what i tell you a secret, because this information is confidential (my very favorite)
  • artsy websites

Good times...