What my client said to me today about Squarespace

So this morning, I was on a long distance phone call with a client who was getting me to help as he reworked his website... again. Surprise to me, though maybe it shouldn't have been. He's one of those fabulous guys who makes me think of phrases like "job security" and those people who move their furniture around at midnight about once every month because they're overcome with these uncontrollable urges, out-of-the-blue. It didn't matter that he's in a different time zone, I could practically hear him jumping out of his seat with the enjoyment of what he's learned how to do, all by himself, by using Squarespace. When they "get it," it hits people that way a lot.

Then he tells me that he's so glad he found me, and - more specifically - Squarespace. Tells me that before we started working together last year, he'd been through something like 11 different websites, not to mention a whole ton of people to help him with those websites.

And then, this little gem:

"You know those guys who stand out by the road wearing signs for their tax preparation companies? I would totally wear a sign for Squarespace."

Yup. That pretty much sums up the feeling of finding this platform!