"What if They Did?" Digital art piece in lieu of the blogging I'd had in mind

"What if They Did?" - I may even like it better vertical. But here, I wanted horizontal. Just because...

In spite of the fact that I have said it before and will undoubtedly say it again, this is possibly one of my favorite graphic images I've ever created. And I cannot tell you why. Sure the vivid intensity of the colors pleases me to no end, and the texture delights me too, but that can be said about many things I've created.

With as much as has been going on in my non-digital world, I'd expected many words to come by now. It had been my plan to write two or three blog posts since the last one went live. In recent weeks I have met one of my artistic heroes, helped to pull off an enormously successful musical performance event, seen some other fantastic music, too, reconnected with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, gotten bi-focal contact lenses, attempted - unsuccessfully - to cut off my thumb, (I'm sort of exaggerating but cutting myself and producing that much blood freaks me out like a small child, so you get to hear about it here, thank you,) created quite a few other digital images I'm proud of, and thrilled a client so much that she got quiet, grinned and just stared at me, then may have actually clapped her hands. (But that last part sounds more like something I'd do, not her.) There's more, but these instances alone might be "blog-worthy" and yet? I have nothing. Writing seems to be the last thing I've been inspired to do. I lie. I always write. Every day. But writing for public consumption? That's a different thing altogether. I have been less than inspired to write anything that would be coherent enough, here on my blog, that I want to publish it.

Still, I suppose as long as you're creating images that make you this happy, it doesn't matter that you have the teeniest bit of writer's block.

There's always next week! This would probably be the time to tell you that I've started dipping my toe into the world of designing note cards and iPhone cases. When it's ready, I'll show you my online shop. You can be sure that unless I stumble across something that pleases me more, this particular image may just become the design for My Own phone case! Until that decision has to be made, enjoy this with me, if you like!

Happy Gorgeous Spring Weekend. It was a long time comin'...