What if I could get my hands on that West Virginia house for a while?

More than 15 years ago on the phone with Cindi, I told her about my great new idea to move to New York and work as a nanny. Her response was, "The only thing you could do that would surprise me is die." She's gonna' love this one.

Earlier today I spent an hour and 14 minutes on the phone with my dad trying to sell him on the idea of how he and Mom should let me "borrow" my grandparents' West Virginia house for a while. The house they still haven't sold, and will likely be putting on the market later this summer. Maybe a few weeks...maybe a few months. Who's to say? I just realized this morning that while I've thought of this possibility off and on for years, it's exactly what I want to do. (Of course if you know me very well, it won't be lost on you that in 3 days I could want something else equally. Trifles. I cannot be bothered with those right now. I have some plans to make. If they'll let me.)

I've been working on this phase of a possible "mid-life crisis" for a few years now. During recent weeks and months I've recognized the inner rumblings of Some Honkin Change. Again. But more. Didn't know what form it would take. Didn't care. Just thought I'd sit it out and wait to find out how it manifested. 

The writer in me craves the idea of a retreat from all I know. Which is odd 'cause I'm an extrovert who's surrounded by way cool people in a very fine town. Why would I want to leave this behind? Or even put it on hold?

I do not know. There is no way to explain to you the nomadic gypsy leanings that pull me sometime, but if you talked to my Alabama Granddaddy he would help you see it's not really that big a deal at all. I love my Granddaddy. Need to go see him, too, when I start this rambling I'm about to do. But first I think I need to try some Totally By Myself time.

Of course when I hung up the phone, Daddy subtly pointed out that we hadn't decided anything for sure yet. Which I realize. But the conversation was very, very promising. To me, anyway. We discussed details: the need to get a little fridge in the kitchen, the fact that plumbing and electricity are handled, that the stove works fine and although there's an inflatable mattress I might want to actually move a bed into the house so I could be really comfortable. We're pretty sure Internet should be okay. I have to know this for sure; cannot move to a place where I can't do my job. But if the 'net can be brought into my home, I can go anywhere. And with Skype, which I finally bothered to embrace, I should be able to do video chats with Mr. Pie.

Oh the details. It's the sort of thing I would usually keep out of the blog until it was more than a whim. But today I have to write it. These thoughts, these not-yet-plans-but-we're-thinking-about-it... these are the things that fill my mind today and even if it doesn't happen, I decided I'd try something new for the new year. A little more disclosure for the blog. Why not? After 4 years maybe a little more disclosure is exactly what this blog needs to inject some life into it.

Sit tight. I'll let you know if I wake up tomorrow as excited as I am now, or if I totally change my mind. There's something very cool about not knowing, yet, though!

Happy 2009, eh?