What ever happened to that novel I was writing?

Colorful graphic with 'Weren't you writing a novel?' overlaying itHave you ever lost your momentum on something you really cared about? What did you do to reclaim it?

Last September I started writing a novel. And I wrote steadily, if not lightly, every week. For a while, that is. And it didn't matter that it was a light schedule, it was a lot for me. Being the first time I'd ever started writing a novel, and all.

Technically I haven't been writing a novel in some time. I have excuses, oh yea, but really, I just got distracted and started filling my time with other things. Still, I think of myself as "being involved in writing a novel," though not "actively writing a novel."

While in Seattle, I actually read a couple of chapters aloud to a couple of my friends. They seemed a little impressed, if not even a little surprised. Maybe that it sounded so much like an actual novel. (I read them two of the more polished chapters, admittedly.) Reading to them made me miss the characters. Reading to them made me even miss the writing itself. Sort of. Then I resumed Being Away From Home and all that entails, and promptly forgot about it again.

Since returning from my trip, I've had two close friends ask me about it. I was already starting to feel remiss but their questions reminded me it was time to at least start thinking of dusting it off again. (1. Have you hung out with Holly - my main character - lately? and 2. When are you going to finish your novel?)

So here's the admission: I still love my novel. I'm still planning to finish it. And, right now, I don't know when that's going to happen. Actually, there have been other writing projects. I'll be mentioning them more in this blog very soon, in an effort to sort of organize and anchor some of the many directions my writing efforts have been going in. But for now, I just wanted to say the novel isn't dead, it's just sleeping.

I'm pretty sure I've decided that as long as I'm writing something regularly - even if it's just in my personal journal that never gets seen by other eyes - that's fine by me. So here's to blogging and journaling and sometimes figuring out how to also work in the time to write a book or two...

Meanwhile, I'm a little bummed to discover that while I've been thinking that I'd written 40,000 words in this novel, that was not correct information. (There were two other writing projects that got in the way for a while; the 40,000 word count must have come from one of them. Sadly, I now recall that it's from the one I later decided I may not ever want to publish. Talk about some expensive writing practice!) Still, I guess 31,139 words of a novel is better than having never started. Right? Right!