What do Super Bowl ads, logo design & online shops have in common? Squarespace.

Yes. This is about Squarespace; of course it is.

It's well-covered territory that I use and design websites using the Squarespace publishing and content management system. This love-fest started in '05 and I continually marvel at the ways this company finds to make it easier for me to do work I love.

Squarespace decided to celebrate their Ten Year Anniversary in such a big way that I couldn't help but offer a hat tip to some of their recent announcements, and encourage interested readers to go check out the parts that resonate with you.

The Ten Years, Ten Announcements

Squarespace celebrates 10 years with 10 announcements.

Squarespace celebrates 10 years with 10 announcements.

When Squarespace turned ten last month, they declared that they would be making ten announcements in the coming days. People, these were not ten teeniny little announcements. From rolling out their brand new blog redesign (Of The Kind Of Designs That Make Me Drool And Wish I'd Figured Out A Way To do That Here On My Site,) and launching Newsletter and Button Blocks the same day they announced a new template, Bedford, to new RSS subscriber statistics, the series of posts unveiled a stream of welcome additions that kept adding to my delight at already having them host my site.

And then? Then they announced a Super Bowl ad!!!?!

That's right. Revealing one interpretation of the chaos that is often The World Wide Web, viewed as though that web has become The Actual World In Which We Live, A Better Web is dark and visually arresting. And brilliantly of the caliber Squarespacers have come to expect:

Also? In conjunction with this ad, they've now announced a very compelling contest. A contest that does not require that you be a customer in order to enter.

What's that about logo design?

Need a simple logo? Announcing Squarespace Logo.

Need a simple logo? Announcing Squarespace Logo.

This may have been my biggest surprise announcement of them all. The company released "Squarespace Logo" which is a brand new logo builder meant to assist with creating a simple brand, by providing tools to empower new businesses to create fairly flexible logos. While they confirm, in response to the concerns of highly-qualified graphic designers specializing in logo design, that this is not meant to take the place of high-end, premium branding services, many businesses simply don't have the budget for such services, anyway, and would not have been in the position to contract custom work. [My paraphrasing.] This new tool allows anyone to create very clean, simple, even sophisticated images to represent their brands.

And something about online shops, too?

Squarespace Commerce is available for all customers now.

Squarespace Commerce is available for all customers now.

E-commerce was among the most long-awaited additions to the service, which was finally rolled out in February of 2013. Along with an incredible list of up-sides (we used it for selling event and raffle tickets, for The Collabative, my only real complaint was that we had to upgrade our account level in order to do this very little amount of selling. To be clear, the ease of use, unparallelled drag-and-drop integration and thorough reporting made it well worth the expense. But I always wanted something different. Something for all of us. How thrilling, then, to see that Squarespace has rolled out different levels of commerce capabilities for each of their plans! Yes. Just... yes.

Know what the best part is? It's only February. I, for one, continue to be elated by all the promise and possibility this new year keeps dangling in front of me. Visit the Squarespace blog to see the other announcements I didn't even touch on here. Because my having left them out is in no way an indication that they're not incredible. To start out with this many new options for making my work that much more enjoyable merely adds bonuses I hadn't even thought to wish for. Happy 2014, y'all!