Well that was a colossal waste of time...

When's the last time you spent 3 and a half hours troubleshoot a seemingly-inexplicable problem that should never have occurred in the first place? And When You Finally Discovered The Cause Of The Fiasco, It Was So Painfully Tiny That Violent Thoughts Crossed Your Mind?

One of the first things I did this morning was check email. And there it was: a note from my mom telling me my site was, in essence, broken. She'd sent the email after 1am. By then I'd already gone to bed.

Fabulous! Well let's just take a quick look and hurry up and fix that little problem already, shall we?

Things looked fine in Firefox, but a quick check in Chrome and IE confirmed that I had, indeed, "broken" my website. Sometime yesterday. Seriously: every bit of content was lined up in one long, slim strip along the left edge of the screen, in a 154 pixel column. But who's to say when this happened?  Since yesterday I did a number of different things to my Magical Evolving Website, The Design Of Which May Never Ever Please Me.

So I sat here, heart racing, as I attempted every fix that crossed my mind. Including a re-customizing of my site from a fresh Squarespace template, just to be sure. Twice.

Nothing. Nada. This was the greatest web design mystery I've encountered in years. I'm not making this up.

Want to know what turned out to be the problem? I'd switched to code view to add a little line of alt text to a graphic link in one of my navigation bars.

And left out a quotation mark.

Yes. That was all. One Single Missing Quotation Mark.

Not likely I'll make that mistake again. Even if I live to be 98 and continue designing websites until my final day on Earth.

Oh look! It's after 1pm. I swear, I was so focused on this quandary for so long that literally, it stuns me to realize this is what time it is. I mean, I just got up!!!

Sigh. Happy Sunday ya'll... And thanks Mom!  Wonder how long it would have taken, without your help, for me to discover this on my own?