Weird little clues you're starting to get better

Apparently from the bizarre, freezing-cold feeling in my throat and chest when I breathe, I am not - in fact - quite back to my normal healthy self yet. Head's still stuffy. Lotta' unwelcome stuff in there. But this morning I woke with some indications that there's health on the horizon:

  • Felt happy. Really happy. Good life, ya'll: I have one.
  • Have been thinking about work and work projects again. Still have a lot of neglected things to catch up on. Lots and lots. But have so many fabulous ideas I've had to put on hold recently. Today they're on my mind again.
  • Did a real workout. Not hours and hours of hard-core exercise, but actually planned a routine and executed it. As opposed to lying in the floor and stretching my legs endlessly, as during the past few days, thinking that would have to pass for a workout.

What? You wanted more? Give me time. I'll get there.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine, and that you're also feeling well and happy. I'm off to hang with the munchkin today. Never a bad way to spend a Saturday. Wait. It is Saturday, right?