We should all have a regular "music night" with our creative friends

One of the plans my friends mentioned when I scheduled my trip to Seattle, included joining them for "music night." Finally. I've heard about this regular meetup with other creative friends for years, and it's always sounded so intriguing. Basically, a bunch of people get together, bring their guitars, the music to whatever song they're into at that given time - or whatever song they've written lately in some cases - and everybody takes turns playing and singing their piece. Around and around they go, many times joining in with the others, singing in fabulous harmony, stopping to say, "No, that's not it. Hold on, I'll play that part again." No judgment. No lofty expectations of recording-worthy performances. Just a shared love of music and support for their friends.

That was my experience of the night, now that I've been. This particular night was hosted by a new friend who is one of the most creative, interesting people I've met in a long time. Which is saying a lot. Every wall of his home, every corner, every surface available was put together with attention to an economy of space, with a reflection of his aesthetic sensibilities. The word "ecclectic" is overused, but I couldn't help think it when I arrived in this home. The large photo at the top shows the wall that overlooked our song-filled evening. One of them. Another wall featured a bookcase that actually masks the door to a bathroom. A hidden bathroom door!!! Surprises everywhere you turn. And don't even get me started on his rooftop view. (Or the clawfoot tub he has outside on his rooftop deck!)

I fell in love with these masks. And with my new musician friends, too. It's possible I'll get to go back while I'm here. I hope so. Music night in Seattle is amazing. So remarkable, in fact, that I've been cycling through names in my brain, wondering who I might invite if I ever wanted to create a similar situation back in Greensboro. We'll see!