Watson Family Christmas Quotes, Part 1 - 2009 Edition

Long-time readers of this blog may be familiar with Merry Christmas from the Family, from 2007. In keeping with the tradition of exploiting my family for blog fodder, I thought I'd get started early. I'm overdue for a post but, having nearly eaten myself into a diabetic coma since my mom got her hands on me yesterday evening, I can't seem to muster the energy to come up with anything else to write.

Sis and her family are still on the way, but I thought I'd throw out a few quotes and get us started. So far, all courtesy of my mom:

  • "Would you like one of these cookies?" A minute and a half after she'd plied me with dinner and dessert and I'd left the table.
  • "I've got some ice cream if you're hungry!" A half hour later.
  • I made some pound cake you might like!" Maybe fifteen minutes after that.
  • "Did you just hit her car???" Heard as I was emerging from my shower today. (The answer is yes. For those who are overly alarmed, don't be. I have been stubbornly holding on to the oldest car in the state for way too many years now. People have been using it for target practice for several years now, usually while I sleep and without leaving a note. You'll notice, but not by much.) I'm about to move my car and call sis to make parking suggestions for their new car when they arrive.
  • "They're eating??? I'm cooking! ...well I guess we'll just have it for supper." Uh... because the rest of us won't be hungry again all day long?
  • "I could make some of that green stuff you like. You know, the soybeans." Then "Eda Mom... Mommy May I. Hm. Maybe that'll help me remember what it's called."

Presumably once the little person arrives, the focal point will shift ever so slightly away from food. One can always hope...

Happy Christmas, everyone!