Walk while you work? TrekDesk makes it possible...

Okay, who wants to try it? This TrekDesk sounds intriguing. Walking slowly on a treadmill while working at an elevated desk that lets you do everything you would otherwise do sitting down... all in a single location. I used to work standing up. And by "used to" I mean I set up a high workstation, stood while working a bit sometimes, got bored, bought a super tall chair, alternated between standing and sitting up high, and eventually got bored with the whole business and moved back to a more traditional workspace.

But what if I could actually do something active while standing there working? Maybe it would entertain me more than the stationary option.

Anybody wanna' check it out and report back? :)

Thanks to Daily Grommet for turning me on to this video. I get their notices delivered to my inbox daily, and love seeing what they'll promote next. Check 'em out!