Waffling between Google Chrome & Firefox

Now using Google Chrome, I find a lot to be excited about:

  •  Speed. I love getting what I want, really fast.
  •  Visually-rendered history. (My terms, not theirs.) When I open a new tab, the first thing I see are 9 thumbnails of my most frequently-visited sites. While I may not be about to search for one of these sites, the odds are pretty high that I could be!
  • And to the right of that, two little search boxes: one for hunting through my own search history, and one for searching Google.  
  • Beneath that, a list of recent bookmarks. That one's a little problematic to me at this juncture, because I use delicious for my bookmarks, and only occasionally use my browser's bookmarking option - so what's showing up there is very unhelpful to me. I have a feeling that with time (Chrome is still in beta,) and experience (I've only been using it for a very, very short time and have much to learn,) that'll work itself out. 
  • If something goes awry in one tab, that tab can/will be independently shut down, rather than creating the necessity for closing the whole browser. That is very much cool. 
But in spite of all that, I've returned to Firefox for my browsing just as often. This morning I'm thinking it's because of several things:
  • Habit. I've loved Firefox from the day I discovered it. It's the familiar preference to me, and I use it so frequently that I'm always a little surprised to learn of people who don't.
  • Loyalty. Google just seems to have something going in every race. Their name comes up in the way Microsoft's used to. (Okay, yea, I get that MS is still very much alive and kicking. But you know what I mean. Not so much the only game in town anymore, eh?)
  • I miss my Firefox Add-ons. Specifically SearchStatus which I have come to think of as almost mandatory. What this extension does is provide me with a quick visual indicator of the Google PageRank and Alexa rank of any page I visit - immediately. Until I didn't have this available to me via Chrome, I didn't realize just quite how much I use this tool. Turns out? It's automatic. And I very much miss its presence. It gives me a split second glance at how well a site is doing, relative to other sites. And if a site has a low rank on these indicators, I won't necessarily write it off immediately, but it sure gives me something to think about it the person promomting the site speaks of their expertise and satisfaction guaranteed, but evidence suggests they're the new game in town.

    Of course I'm confident that missing add-on issue will be remedied in mere nanoseconds since Chrome is open source and Google declares they're welcoming the kind of innovation that brings us all these handy extensions we rely on.
So... verdict? I don't have one. I've had Chrome less than 2 days and at this moment both browsers are runninng.  And that's the coolest part of all - we now have even more options. And innovation like this continues to spur on competition and more innovation. Always, always good for us users.