Videos to explain all manner of web-based goodness - & more...

Do you ever come across a product you think is so great you want everybody you know to hear about it? It was a few days ago and now I can't remember how I came to discover it, but I found a video - actually better than that: a series of videos - that explains things in a way that makes me wish I'd been the one to come up with the idea. Of course.

Link to Common Craft video called "World Wide Web in Plain English"

World Wide Web in Plain English from Common Craft "dumbs it down" (and I mean this without a hint of insult) in the way a lot of people have been waiting for somebody to dumb the internet down so they could better understand it.

In their own words, "Common Craft produces short explanatory videos that are focused on making complex ideas easy to understand." That's in videoS plural; did I mention that already? The company is run by Lee and Sachi LeFever, a husband and wife team who do other way cool things together, too, like pack up and travel the world together for a year. My kind of people.

Read more about them in Editors in Brief, just published in Seattle Magazine. It's a really nice piece where you can read all about them, their philosoophy and their company's evolution. Then? When you're done, go check out The Common Craft Show or Lee Lefever's YouTube Channel where you can find super-cool videos that explain other things you've been hoping somebody would just come along and make a simple little video to explain. About topics - in Plain English - like:

  • Computer software and hardware,
  • Borrowing money and saving money,
  • Electing a US President,
  • Social media,
  • Twitter,
  • Online photo sharing,
  • RSS...

The list goes on. And I, for one, am really happy about that.

Now. Gonna' go watch a nice, simple video while I finish my first cup of coffee. Maybe you will too; I'd love to hear what you think!