Via Converse shoes, adventure planning with 3 flapper chicks - A Creative Writing Exercise

Snippet of a screen shot from the blog: A Lovely Thing, including an old black and white photo of 3 young ladiesRosa there on the left in that litte picture came up with the idea, but Audrey is the one who will get credit for it. Rosa couldn't care less about the credit, and Audrey would never be surprised at being handed the credit. She's the one on the right. Lorraine got so excited about the idea of this next trip that she never did know whose idea it was in the first place.

Audrey and Rosa are fraternal twins, although when they mention it, people usually think they're joking around. Their family moved into Lorraine's neighborhood when all three girls were 7 years old, and they've been making mischief ever since.

Although they just returned from their annual trip to the coast, every one of these girls is still just as stir-crazy as before they left for the week away. Holidays never seem to last long enough. This year it's especially true because they met those boys. And by "those boys" I mean the ones who invited them to come up and see them in Amherst sometime. There were lots of nice boys to dance with at the coast this year, but Those Amherst Boys - all 6 of them - really did make a splash.

So now our girls are weaving a tale to tell their mamas and daddys - and Audrey's fiance, Frances, let's not forget him, shall we? - so they can make this trip to Amherst without causing more of a stir than they usually do. It's not acceptable for three unchaperoned girls to go anywhere, especially to visit unchaperoned boys they met at the coast. Neither of the girls is oblivious to this First Principle Of Decorum. However, neither of the girls cares a hoot about Any of the principles of decorum. They just don't want anybody finding out and putting a stop to their fun.

This afternoon they drove into town to have tea and work on their big plan. On the way home they ran into Frances. He thought they were just excited from their recent trip and happy to see him. Then he offered to take their photograph with his newest toy.

===And this is where it all breaks down and I remember that as important as it is to write creatively, and to gather sparks of inspiration From Everywhere I Go, Whether In Person Or Online, there are many things I don't "know" about Rosa, Lorraine, Audrey and Frances. Including:

  • whether or not they would have, in fact, actually dressed in such a manner just to go to tea on an ordinary Thursday, although since we've already established that it's summertime, I'm thinking not, so that blows a hole in the side of my premise, right there, doesn't it?
  • whether Frances would have to have a lot of money or A Lot Of Money to have ever even acquired his own hobby camera around the time this shot was taken,
  • whether this photo was a candid as it seems to pretend to be, or if it is, in fact, a staged portrait with prop car and backdrop. Many things I don't know about these folks.

But I do know this: a big ole smile appeared on my face the first second I saw the original image, and it's happening again when I look at it now. Which, in and of itself, would really be enough.

If I were writing a "real" story, of course I'd do research and I'd develop my characters and I'd never, ever, publish the first idea. Because first ideas are always... Well, you know. They're just not publishable.

The point, though, was to have a little fun and encourage you to look for your own kind of creativity wherever you are.

Read on to learn how I happened upon these ladies in the first place!

A Lovely Thing is a blog I never saw before today. I found this site, belonging to professional writer/editor Inis Lovely, from a random offering via StumbleUpon. "Stumbling" sites is a good way to find inspiration if, in spite of the thrilling amazingness right in front of your eyes, you still need a hit of something more. (It's also a good way to waste a good 37 hours online that you don't have to waste, so remember I warned you. Best to just set a timer before you get started.)

So I was directed to this page on Inis Lovely's site, in which she shares these delicious altered Converse shoes from C'est Facile avec Cécile. Which neither she nor I can read, what with it being written in French and all. (See, children. This is why we pay better attention in Mr. Beaudoin's class. Otherwise you'll wake up 20 years older, unable to read some French chick's beautiful blog on this invention they call the Internet which has yet to even be invented. You're not only educating yourself for situations you currently comprehend, but for the stuff that's just around the corner, too!) Still, it's enough that she has so many photos of things that make me giggle. Reading it would surely be superior, but lucky me: I'm a visual girl and like my pretty pictures.

Back on A Lovely Thing, I decided that while the altered Converse shoes are very lovely indeed, they weren't quite what I was looking for today. So I clicked the "home" link to see what's fresh and new over there! Which is how I found the photo in the newest blog post entitled "Well Said Wed. #16" and which features this photo, along with a great quote by Lewis Carroll. You should go look at the photo AND read the quote. 'Cause I think you could like 'em as much as I did.

And now I have a website background to design. I suspect you were getting ready to do something pretty important too, eh? Cheers!